Namees Tiny Dancer of Keryer

Current cocker spaniel puppies available for sale

Dedicated to bringing out the best in cocker spaniels! 

Who are we?
This is a family affair to us. Mom, Dad and two sons all work together with our dogs to bring out the best in them. We have had cockers for over 20 years. We started showing in 2004. We did not begin to breed until 2006. Our first home bred champion came from our second litter in 2007. She was owned by a dear friend and professionally handled. Since then we have bred and finished many more champions. Our sons are learning how to be handlers themselves. Both of them started out well with early wins and much success. But more important than the show ring, our dogs are our friends and constant companions. We anticipate Keryer cockers being around for a long time to come.

Why do we breed?
There are countless numbers of cocker spaniels available for adoption in shelters all over the country.
So why do we breed?
We only breed when we feel we can pass on exceptional qualities in temperament, conformation and health. We have had to break our own hearts and say goodbye to treasured pets when their suitability for breeding was questionable. We keep our numbers low and our litters infrequent in order to keep our standards high.
As breeders we try our very best to do the best we can, and when we learn better, we do better. If responsible dedicated breeders do not raise puppies, where will the healthier, more well adjusted, more beautiful dogs come from? If we want happy healthy beautiful pets, we must not abandon the responsibilities of producing puppies to mills or "accidents". As much as those individuals are worthy of love, the humans responsible for their production must not be allowed to be the only ones producing puppies. Someone must safeguard our treasured breed. We are just a tiny part, but we do humbly attempt to do that.

What makes us special as breeders?
We only ever have one litter of puppies at a time. Typically we only have one litter every year or two. We breed when we want to keep for showing. Each puppy is special to us, and loved deeply by the entire family. We know their moods, their likes and dislikes. We hold them constantly and raise them with love. Our puppy room is a section of our family room. Its the heart of the house. The puppies hear vaccuums, video games, phones ringing, doors slamming, you name it. They get used to all of it. Owners of our puppies report stable temperaments and easy housebreaking.

Our puppies are fairly priced
You can find puppies cheaper. But they probably will not have the champion bloodlines, the health testing, nor the enriching family environment behind them. Doing things the way we do, we lose money on every litter. We charge what we do, just to keep us going. Its not a business to us, and its more than a hobby. Breeding these puppies, getting them started the way we do, its all about love and fulfilment of dreams. Our dreams, and the dreams of those who are lucky enough to take home one of our treasured babies.

If you adopt from us...
You better like us! Because we want to stay involved with our babies even after they leave here. We want pictures, updates and visits as often as possible. We are committed to these pups for life. We will not choose homes based on who contacts us first, but rather on who is the best fit for our puppies.

Keryer Cocker Spaniels
Southeastern Minnesota